Happy New Year!

newyear2014Today is the last day for 2013 which has been like a roller-coaster ride. So many up and downs that at times it feels as we are down for too long, but the important thing is that at the end we are alive and in good health.

This year my cousin past away, he was murder by an idiot, who did not respect other people’s lives. Leaving my cousin’s wife and daughters on their own. My partner and I separated after 10 years of been together. My mom’s house got broke into but thankfully she was not in the house that morning. I had to stop building my house in Mexico because I am going through some financial struggles.

But thankfully this year has also brought a lot of positive things. My oldest son Luis is back at home, trying to keep himself out of drugs and alcohol. Although I had been struggling financially I was able to keep helping the 3 young kids I help with education in Mexico, and was able to help two more (1 girl 4 boys). I have been able to keep helping my mother and father in Mexico sending them money bi-monthly.

I have also learned the importance of friends. This year has been a key year for that, because it allow me to see who my really friends are. Henry, Armando, Mark and Laura thank you for your friendship. Honestly if it has not been for you guys I don’t know how I would have deal with the low moments I had this year.

The more important thing I am grateful this 2013 is been able to have all my kids home and in good health. Thanks to God for allowing us to survive one more year to share it with my mother, father, family and friends. I am Thankful to finishing this year 2013 on my feet and in good health.

I hope next year, be a best year for all of you. I hope that all your wishes and goals are accomplished. Remember that it don’t matter how bad things get, the important thing is to keep your family and friends close. There is no bad moment that lasts a thousand years; things will get better 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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