How to Authorize EETech/DETech with the Code of the Day

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The second step to remove encryption from a disk that has been encrypted with Drive Encryption, is to authorize using a tool that provided the code of the day. To download the tool go to McAfee Downloads, you will need a valid grant number and be license to use Drive Encryption product. To authorize the EETech/DETech tool, follow the next steps After the Tech Code Generator has been downloaded, run the exe file to open the tool. On the EETech/DETech window click “Authorize“. Next you are going to enter the code of the day, provided by the Tech Code Generator. […]

How to Authenticate with EETech/DETech

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The first step to remove Drive Encryption is to Authenticate. There two ways to authenticate in EETech/DETech, via File or Token. By file, you must export from ePO the .xml file for that particular system. By token, you must provide user and password of a user that has successfully login to the system. Requirements before we start: Have a bootable CD with the EETech/DETech tool. Export the .xml file for the system that you will be working on. To authenticate by “File” follow the next steps: Boot to a bootable CD with the EETech/DETech tool. On the first screen click […]