How To Open ma.db To View Repositories List Used By MA 5.x

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On previews version of McAfee Agent 4.x, sitelist.xml and serversitelist.xml provided a list of repositories available to the client system. However, on McAfee Agent version 5.x this has change. The sitelist.xml is only used the first time McAfee Agent is installed. After the first connection to ePO, MA will get the new sitelist and store it on a file name “ma.db”. This file can only be view with a MER tool, that is only available to support or using DB Browser for SQLite. The following tutorial, will show you how to open the ma.db file, using DB Browser for SQLite. […]

How to Install & Troubleshoot MA on a MAC

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Installing McAfee Agent on a MAC can be a bit challenging,  if the agent deployment is failing to install via ePO, the next option is to install it manually.  This option helps eliminate the issue with permission, and will help troubleshoot the if there is an installation issue. On this guide will show you how to do the following: How to Install MA on MAC How to verify MA services are running How to check MA logs for communication issues How to install McAfee Agent on a MAC (Steps taking from PD26439 page 36) From ePO download the “agentpackage”.zip for […]

McAfee Agent Deployment Failed via Agent Deployment

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KB56386 shows the permission that need to be enable on the client side, to be able to deploy McAfee Agent successfully. However, the KB don’t show you exactly how to check this permission. On the next guide I will show you how to check each permission setting. Windows Firewall sometime may cause MA deployment to fail. Make sure Windows Firewall is disable, or proper communication ports are open for agent to server communication. For the default ports needed, check KB66797. Verify Network Protocols and ports required for machine resolution. For this option we need to make sure we can resolve […]

How to Install ePO and Microsoft SQL on a Domain Controller

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As best practices is not recommended to installed ePO or SQL server on a domain controller. If you try to install SQL on a DC most likely the installation will fail and SQL is needed to be able to install ePO server. For some of us we may want to learn more about ePO but have limited hardware resources and the only option is to installed SQL and ePO on a DC. This tutorial will show you how to installed Sboth products on a domain controller. Microsoft SQL Installation – The following link will show you how to install Microsoft […]

How to Install Microsoft SQL on a Domain Controller

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SQL by default cannot be install on a domain controller using the administrator account. Therefore, the installation of SQL will failed if installed on a DC. This guide shows you how to install SQL on a domain controller. Before we proceed, you must create a domain user with administrator privileges, this will be the account to use on our SQL installation. After the user has been created, proceed with the following steps: Install Microsoft SQL Server – Step by step on how to install Microsoft SQL Server on a domain controller. Configure Microsoft SQL Server – How to configure Microsoft […]

How to deploy ENS, only to Windows 10 systems with MA 5.0.4 installed

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The following procedure is to install ENS, only on systems that meet the following requirements: OS must be Windows 10. McAfee Agent 5.0.4 must be installed. For this procedure we are going to create the following: Tag: The tag will be assign only to systems that meet the requirements (Windows 10 & MA 5.0.4). Query: The query will provide a list of systems with that meets the above requirements. Server task: The server task will run the query above and apply the tag to systems from the query results. Client Task: The client task will install ENS only to systems […]