Agent How To’s

McAfee Agent is in charge of downloading and enforcing polices, and execute client-side task such as downloading updates or deploying software. On this section you will find guides, that will show you how to work with McAfee Agent (MA).

  • On previews version of McAfee Agent 4.x, sitelist.xml and serversitelist.xml provided a list of repositories available to the client system. However, on McAfee Agent version 5.x this has change. The sitelist.xml is only used the first time McAfee Agent is installed. After the first connection to ePO, MA will get the new sitelist and store […]

  • Installing McAfee Agent on a MAC can be a bit challenging,  if the agent deployment is failing to install via ePO, the next option is to install it manually.  This option helps eliminate the issue with permission, and will help troubleshoot the if there is an installation issue. On this guide will show you how […]

  • KB56386 shows the permission that need to be enable on the client side, to be able to deploy McAfee Agent successfully. However, the KB don’t show you exactly how to check this permission. On the next guide I will show you how to check each permission setting. Windows Firewall sometime may cause MA deployment to […]