How to Authorize EETech/DETech with the Code of the Day

The second step to remove encryption from a disk that has been encrypted with Drive Encryption, is to authorize using a tool that provided the code of the day. To download the tool go to McAfee Downloads, you will need a valid grant number and be license to use Drive Encryption product.

To authorize the EETech/DETech tool, follow the next steps

  1. After the Tech Code Generator has been downloaded, run the exe file to open the tool.
  2. On the EETech/DETech window click “Authorize“.
  3. Next you are going to enter the code of the day, provided by the Tech Code Generator. For this example the date for my system is 4/5/2016, so the code for this particular date is “3760“, then click “OK“.
  4. After Authorizing the system, now you should see the status change to Authorized.

This conclude the authorization process with the EETech/DETech tool

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