Drive Encryption How To’s

McAfee Drive Encryption is a technology which protects information by converting into unrea dable code that cannot be decipher by unauthorized user. On this section you will find guides, that will show you how to encrypt, decrypt and read data related to McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE).



  • This option is mostly used when the Crypt List Count is set to 0 or other methods for recovery have failed. Force Crypt Sector should be the last option to be used to remove McAfee Drive Encryption.  This option if it fails or is interrupted, the disk will be partially encrypted and almost impossible to […]

  • On this guide, we are going to remove encryption from a disk that was encrypted with McAfee Drive Encryption. This option will only work if the Crypt List Region Count is 1, to check the Crypt List Region Count please see the guide on “How To Get Disk Information”. The Crypt List, contains the information […]

  • Before decrypting a disk, per best practices is to check the state of the disk and verify that we have the correct recovery key. To achieve this, we need to get the Disk Information first. If you need help getting this information please click here. On the following image we can see under “Disk Partitions, […]

  • When a drive is encrypted with Drive Encryption (MDE), MDE replaces the Windows MBR with PreBoot File System (PBFS). If PBFS is change by third party software or is corrupted, EETech/DETech has the option to restore the drive encryption MBR or the original Windows MBR. On this guide, I will be showing you how to […]

  • The first recovery option to try, is to do an emergency boot on an encrypted systems that is having problems booting up. To be able to do an emergency boot, the Crypt List information should bee present. This option will bypass preboot (PBFS) and go straight into to the OS. Once the OS loads, Drive […]

  • To be able to decrypt a disk, is important to check the status of the disk drive. To be able to check if the disk is encrypted or not, or if you have the correct key, is important to get the disk information first. To get disk information you must boot the system to CD […]

  • The second step to remove encryption from a disk that has been encrypted with Drive Encryption, is to authorize using a tool that provided the code of the day. To download the tool go to McAfee Downloads, you will need a valid grant number and be license to use Drive Encryption product. To authorize the […]

  • The first step to remove Drive Encryption is to Authenticate. There two ways to authenticate in EETech/DETech, via File or Token. By file, you must export from ePO the .xml file for that particular system. By token, you must provide user and password of a user that has successfully login to the system. Requirements before […]