How To Open ma.db To View Repositories List Used By MA 5.x

On previews version of McAfee Agent 4.x, sitelist.xml and serversitelist.xml provided a list of repositories available to the client system. However, on McAfee Agent version 5.x this has change. The sitelist.xml is only used the first time McAfee Agent is installed. After the first connection to ePO, MA will get the new sitelist and store it on a file name “ma.db”. This file can only be view with a MER tool, that is only available to support or using DB Browser for SQLite.

The following tutorial, will show you how to open the ma.db file, using DB Browser for SQLite.

  1. Download DB Browser for SQLite from here
  2. Once DB Browser for SQLite has been downloaded, click Start, under search type “DB” and click on “DB Browser for SQLite”.
  3. Once DB Browser for SQLite is open, click on “Open Database”.
  4. On the next window browse to “C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Agent\DB” and click on the file “ma.db”, the click “Open”.
  5. Once the file is loaded, click on the tab “Browse Data”, here select the table name “Agent_Repositories”.
  6. This will give you a list of the repositories available for MA 5.x
  7. Another useful table is the Agent_Child table. This table gives you more information about the agent and system configuration. 

Under the Windows path “C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Agent\DB” there are other .db files, that have more information about the McAfee Agent task, policies, etc. but this files are encrypted and can only be views with the MER tool.

If you have any question or comments please let me know.

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