McAfee Agent Deployment Failed via Agent Deployment

KB56386 shows the permission that need to be enable on the client side, to be able to deploy McAfee Agent successfully. However, the KB don’t show you exactly how to check this permission. On the next guide I will show you how to check each permission setting.

  1. Windows Firewall sometime may cause MA deployment to fail. Make sure Windows Firewall is disable, or proper communication ports are open for agent to server communication. For the default ports needed, check KB66797.
  2. Verify Network Protocols and ports required for machine resolution.
    For this option we need to make sure we can resolve hostname of client machine from ePO. Check DNS resolution of client machine by running the following command:
    C:\nslookup “computername”
  3. Verify that customer can access client machine from ePO, There are two ways to do this; Open Windows explorer and type the following: “\\computername\admin$”. Or from the client machine, open the command line and type “Net Share” and on the output of the command, look for “ADMIN$” share name. if t ADMIN$ share name is not visible, from the command line type “Net Share Admin$“.
  4. Check that “File and Print Sharing” is enable. Go to “Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Center>Advance”.
  5. Check on client machine that the “Server Service” is started.
  6. Enable Remote Registry Service.

If this is a new install of MA always use Agent Deployment if this is an update of MA, create a client task and install the MA via client task and not Agent Deployment. Agent deployment is only use for new installations of the McAfee Agent.

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