How To Restore MBR With The EETech/DETech Tool

When a drive is encrypted with Drive Encryption (MDE), MDE replaces the Windows MBR with PreBoot File System (PBFS). If PBFS is change by third party software or is corrupted, EETech/DETech has the option to restore the drive encryption MBR or the original Windows MBR.

On this guide, I will be showing you how to restore the  Drive Encryption MBR, the same steps are done for restoring the Windows MBR. To be able to do this procedure you must first authorize and authenticate with EETech/DETech, check the following guides:

Note: To restore the Windows MBR the disk needs to be decrypted and then restore the original MBR. This will allow the system to boot to Windows without any problems.

  1. Once the system has boot using EETech/DETech and your authorize and authenticated, click on”Restore MBR”.
  2. On this example we are going to select “Drive Encryption MBR” and if is not checked, check the option “Keep the current Partition Tables”, then click “OK”.
    Remember, the same procedure can be done to restore the original Windows MBR, but you must first decrypt the disk.
  3. Once the MBR is restore, you will get a confirmation, click “OK”.
  4. Next, click on “Exit” and reboot the system.

If the MBR was restore properly there should be no issues booting to the OS. It is important to understand that this procedure will make changes to the MBR. This tool is able to restore both MBRs. The Drive Encryption MBR (PBFS) option is only used if PBFS is currupted. The option to restore Windows MBR is only used in case the system was decrypted and need to replace Drive Encrypting MBR with Windows MBR.

This concludes this guide on how to restore MBR using EETech/DETech tool, if you have any question or comments please let me know in the comment area.

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